AGEN Robotic Structural Assembler RSSA Duo

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We're proud to unveil the AGEN RSSA Duo, a cutting-edge fully automatic robotised structural steel assembler designed to revolutionise the way you approach manufacturing. With two industrial robots working in perfect harmony, AGEN RSSA Duo represents the pinnacle of automation and precision engineering.

The first robot in the AGEN RSSA Duo is the handling robot, equipped with a magnetic gripper and a laser scanner. This versatile powerhouse can effortlessly handle plates or add parts weighing up to 400 pounds (approximately 200kg), ensuring swift and efficient material handling with unparalleled accuracy. With its advanced laser scanner, it meticulously scans the environment, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Complementing the handling robot is the welding robot, engineered to deliver uncompromising quality and precision. Equipped with high-accuracy sensors, this robot measures profile geometric properties with unparalleled accuracy, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time. Its sophisticated welding capabilities, capable of producing high-quality welds up to grade a15, ensure structural integrity and durability that exceeds industry standards. Plus, with multi-pass weld support, it's equipped to tackle even the most complex welding challenges with ease.

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With AGEN RSSA Duo by your side, you can say goodbye to manual labor, inefficiencies, and errors. Experience unmatched productivity, precision, and quality in structural steel assembly, all while streamlining your operations and maximising your bottom line. Join us in embracing the future of manufacturing with AGEN RSSA Duo, where innovation meets excellence, and possibilities are limitless.

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