Dot Peen / Pin Marking Technology is all electric and uses a carbide ramming pin to mark, which offers the unique feature of being able to mark any surface or material. Besides a long tool life, using carbide marking pins gives the advantage of a comparably very low consumable cost. MarkinBOX, a pioneer in industrial marking, was made in Japan and is now available in Australia. The MarkinBOX is a completely electric dot peen or pin marking machine that engraves using carbide pins. Every technique offers unique benefits, including pin marking, laser engraving, rotary engraving, stamping, and scratch engraving.

Dot Peen Marking Machines are available in many designs, including benchtop stands, hands-free stands, handheld devices, and devices that may be integrated into production processes. Different sizes and forms of components that need to be marked can be accommodated by simply changing the dot peen marking field size, equipment, and part feeders. Many accessories can increase the functionality and adaptability of the dot peen marking process.

The Sketchbook 2 software is another product that MarkinBOX provides to assist with controlling and personalising a dot peen marking machine. This Windows-based software requires Windows 7 or later to run. This software has several connecting possibilities: Android, iOS, Digital I/O, Ethernet, PLC, USB, and Wi-Fi. Sketchbook 2's simple WYSIWYG operation, one-touch icon-based drawing, automatic DXF data conversion, and CSV importing make it straightforward to use. MarkinBOX works hard to assist you in increasing the dependability and quality of your marking needs while lowering costs.



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