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HAEUSLER isn't simply a name; it's a commitment, a conviction that drives everything we do. Our bending machines are more than just tools to help you reach your goals; they embody legendary quality and reliability. Every day, we strive not only to meet but to exceed the high standards of our customers. With HAEUSLER, you have a partner who is dedicated to your success. From precision engineering to unparalleled performance, our bending machines are designed to deliver results that surpass expectations. Trust HAEUSLER to be your partner in bending, guiding you towards greater efficiency, productivity, and success.


As a leading global company, the HAEUSLER Group continually raises the bar in the metal forming industry. With over 80 years of innovative excellence and a rich family tradition, our pioneering spirit fuels our commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. We thrive on embracing new challenges, leveraging our decades of expertise and forward-thinking approach to drive success for our customers. At HAEUSLER, we're not just meeting industry standards; we're shaping them, constantly evolving to anticipate and exceed the evolving needs of our clients.

Partner with us, and together, we'll navigate the ever-changing landscape of metal forming, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Trust HAEUSLER to be your partner in progress, dedicated to delivering innovation, quality, and excellence every step of the way.


At our facilities in Switzerland and Germany, we boast a wealth of concentrated engineering expertise, embodied by our dedicated technical department comprising 24 highly skilled engineers. Each member of our team is meticulously trained and possesses a deep understanding of their craft. Furthermore, at HAEUSLER, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of talent. Through partnerships with institutions such as the Lörrach University of Applied Sciences DHBW, we actively support dual study programs, providing students with valuable hands-on experience and equipping them with the skills needed to excel in their careers.

In addition to our focus on education, HAEUSLER actively collaborates with various universities for research and technological advancements. These partnerships allow us to remain at the forefront of innovation, continuously setting new standards in the industry through our extensive knowledge and expertise. By investing in our team and fostering collaborations with academic institutions, HAEUSLER demonstrates its unwavering dedication to excellence and advancement in the field of metal forming.


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