How To Buy – Step 6) Automation Design Lifecycle Planning



“Automation levels that used to be achievable only by big companies with huge numbers of customers and shopping data, giant technological infrastructures, and expensive integrated systems that talk to each other are now affordable and possible at the entrepreneurial level. Guys like me with a couple of employees can do things like an Amazon or Microsoft and make those processes generate massive prosperity in our businesses.” Jermaine Griggs

Why do we choose to forget lessons learnt in childhood? For example from an early age, we learnt to build more and more complex puzzles. An essential skill when working in the complex industrial environments we do today. How are you applying these strategies today and who is challenging the status quo in your business?

To understand where you are today with your strategic evaluation, SMS will review the information you have collected and used to date to validate your selection process. This will satisfy you that the sign off process is robust and will deliver the objectives your business needs.

Your input into this process is crucial, accordingly please share the views of your strategy evaluation team with SMS and challenge our commentary. Please review page 5 of the Automation Design Lifecycle Process – What steps have been evaluated?

Let us work together to plan an agenda that discusses what the next steps are to evaluate how an innovation and automation strategy will add value to all of your steel profiles.


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