How To Buy – Step 9) Confidentiality Agreement



“Just remember that if you are not working at your game to the utmost of your ability, there will be someone out there somewhere with equal ability. And one day you will play each other, and he will have the advantage.” Ed Macauley

Your business is long-standing with a credible and hard-earned reputation. The markets and clients that you support as well as the projects that you have delivered are testaments to the capabilities and expertise that have earned that success.

The necessary insights and related expertise to best understand how can you continue this trend is the relationship that SMS propose to develop. Specialist Machinery Sales (SMS) works in partnership with business leaders to help their business grow in SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. SMS works with alliance machine tool builders located in Europe, the USA and Australia to promote machinery innovation and automation in our territories.

As a responsible agent for world-class machinery manufacturers, SMS have provided a commitment to protect the sensitive intellectual property of our alliance partners. This includes information about price, performance, technology and time studies.

Clients of SMS understand how our machinery solutions will deliver efficiency optimisation and improved revenue into their business for the next 10 years. Capacity increase, schedule improvement, re-tasked man-hours and ROI schedules can all be measured when your business works in partnership with SMS. SMS will provide auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence-based metrics so that your business can order machinery with confidence and forecast instead of making a faith-based decision.

Before we advance to a more detailed proposal for your business to consider, we would like to receive your agreement that the information supplied by SMS and our alliance partners will remain confidential. This works both ways, as we will both be sharing information and intellectual property that makes our businesses unique.

Progressing to the next step will be possible once the attached confidentiality agreement is signed. Specialist Machinery is appreciating working collaboratively with you on your automation and innovation strategy for the business.


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