How To Buy – Step 5) SWOT Analysis



“Cultivate your curiosity. Keep it sharp and always working. Consider curiosity your life preserver, your willingness to try something new. Second, enlarge your enthusiasm to include the pursuit of excellence, following every task through to completion. Third, make the law of averages work for you. By budgeting your time more carefully than most people you can make more time available. Does the combination of curiosity, enthusiasm, and the law of averages guarantee success Indeed it does not … Success in the final analysis always involves luck or the element of chance? Louis Pasteur grasped this well when he said that chance favours the prepared mind.” John W. Hanley

Would you agree that each contract and relationship that you win is based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of what value you can offer each other? Going to a new client and articulating where your true strengths are is a powerful conversation. Why? – Knowing your business as well as you know your client’s business is what wins.

To support you to align your business modelling strategies across the business, SMS clients have found that using the attached SWOT Analysis provides the necessary insights

From a performance and a business growth point of view, we have observed that as our clients' conversations change, so do the specifications. This happens because we better understand how to achieve a positive cash flow outcome for your business through a qualified specification that can be measured against performance expectation and integrated into your manufacturing process.

Your input into this process is crucial, accordingly please share the views of your strategy evaluation team with us and challenge our commentary. You can send your response on the attachments for review by SMS and your peers.


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