Founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Castellini as a mechanical workshop for reconverting warfare residues for industrial use, Castellini has undergone several transformations to seize emerging industrial opportunities. Through continuous investments in human capital, production facilities, and research and development, as well as a clear-cut corporate policy, Castellini has evolved into a well-organised company with an expert design and production team, a modern mechanical workshop, and a state-of-the-art assembly department.

Today, Castellini is a trusted partner of major steel producers and steelworks constructors, as well as key players in the Energy, Hydroelectric, and Shipbuilding sectors. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our low-impact site, which features a 30% production area and 70% green space. We utilise geothermal conditioning and self-generate 40% of our energy needs with a 500 kW solar system, with plans to add another 500 kW system by the end of 2024. Our workshop lighting maximises natural light, and we place a strong emphasis on work-life balance.

Castellini's dedication to social responsibility is evident through our continuous support of non-profit entities. Our overarching commitment is to leave future generations a sustainable and innovative project, adaptable to the continuous and increasingly challenging changes of our world.


Shipbuilding is one of the fastest-growing markets today, with technology evolving at an unprecedented pace. At Castellini, we offer the most advanced and innovative technologies for your shipyard, ensuring you stay ahead in this dynamic industry.

Our expertise in laser technology applications, combined with our extensive experience in managing components of extraordinary dimensions, culminates in the most advanced ship panel production lines available. In naval applications, as well as infrastructure and construction sectors, welding thick plates (>15 mm) has become crucial. Traditional Gas-Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) techniques, requiring multiple passes to fill gaps with precise geometry, are time-consuming, material-intensive, and demand meticulous joint preparation.

To overcome these challenges, Castellini presents the Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW) technique. This cutting-edge configuration allows us to achieve sound welds on 20 mm thick naval steel EH40 plates in a single pass. The most significant advantage of this method is its simplicity: welding in a straightforward butt configuration with straight edges and no need for chamfering or additional preparation. Moreover, the process ensures stability and solidity over long plates.

This breakthrough opens the door to a faster, more reliable, and cost-effective process for welding thick plates, transforming the future of shipbuilding and beyond. At Castellini, we're committed to driving innovation and efficiency in your shipyard operations.


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