How To Buy – Step 13) Flexibility Study Part 4



“It is not the wild west – there is a method to the madness. We have kind of defined the boundaries, but within that, we have allowed for a lot of flexibility.” - Sanjiv Kovil

Have you ever got your socks wet walking in the rain because you have misjudged the depth of the puddle? Yes, it would be silly to take a depth gauge that has been calibrated or to have alternative footwear and contingencies for route planning simply to avoid getting your socks wet. Or would it?

You are now equipped to take a purposeful step forward in your automation capabilities and make a sure and firm landing. We are confident that the resulting selection criteria to achieve this is based on your appreciation of insight Vs intuition.

The purpose of the Flexibility Study is to understand your current resourcing and the gap that exists between it and your ambitions. This assessment process to develop the qualified data necessary to reliably forecast those improvements is valuable and will give you an important point of reference and the strategy to grow sustainably.

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Your input into this process is crucial, accordingly share the views of your strategy evaluation team with us and challenge our commentary. You can send your response on the attachments for review by SMS and your peers.


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