How To Buy – Step 11) Flexibility Study Part 2



“Even if you do not see increased Chinese military activity over the next decade or so, the Chinese at least want to give themselves the authority and the flexibility to do it.” Christopher Yung

Before we go any further I want you to consider your work environment. Below is not a checklist, these are the fundamental markers for your businesses success. How well do you understand them?

A decision-making process that can be tested, validated and satisfy strategic objectives reinforces confidence and competitiveness. In addition, it is critical to ensure that all contributors are adding value to the process.

Specialist Machinery Sales clients have received value from completing Part 2 of the attached Flexibility Study to gain insight regarding the following types of flexibility:

  1. Material handling flexibility
  2. Operational flexibility
  3. Process flexibility
  4. Product flexibility
  5. Scheduling flexibility
  6. Volume flexibility
  7. Expansion flexibility
  8. Program flexibility
  9. Production flexibility
  10. Market flexibility
  11. Incremental flexibility
  12. Tooling flexibility
  13. Interchange flexibility
  14. Software flexibility
  15. Flexibility for sequential investment
  16. Flexibility on project abandonment
  17. Flexibility on new project adaptation
  18. Flexibility on workforce control
  19. Flexibility on under demand control
  20. Flexibility for over demand control

Your input into this process is essential. Accordingly, please feel free to share the views of your strategy evaluation team with us and challenge our commentary.


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