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During these trying times and to cope up with the global demands for 24x7 and superb after-sales service, SMS is proud to offer our very own Superior Machinery Services to address any technical concerns to help maximise the performance of your machinery. Please see click below our services brochure for more information:

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The fabricators in New Zealand who commissioned a Stierli-Bieger Beam Rotator are reporting the following advantages that are available to your workshop:
  • Clients of SMS using the Stierli-Bieger beam rotators are reporting receiving an ROI within 3 months if working two shifts or 6 months based on one shift
  • The welder can have the profile at a comfortable operating & welding height to improve arc on efficiency over the complete shift and avoid becoming tired as the shift is ending.
  • The profile can be rotated so the welder can be applying the weld at 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees
  • Welders are reporting additional job satisfaction and self-esteem when they understand they have never been able to fabricate and weld so many profiles in a shift previously
  • A significant and measurable increased tonnage and capacity per m2 of workshop space available without increasing headcount or putting on the 2nd shift
  • The profiles can be rotated 360 degrees whilst in the rotator without using the overhead crane so the overhead crane can be used for other material handling activities. Welders are  not waiting for overhead cranes that may be loading/unloading trucks or being used in other welding bays
  • An improvement in man-hours required to fabricate and weld provides a competitive advantage to every project that deploys the beam rotators.
  • The heat from the welding process can be efficiently spaced out over the profile that is easily rotated to avoid any rework on-site from heat-affected welded profiles
  • 40-50% arc on efficiency improvement so the one welder using the beam rotator can increase capacity and improve schedules
  • Fast turning for grinding and visual inspection
  • Several rotators can be used in a line for very long parts to rotate efficiently and safely
  • Efficient for testing the quality of the fabrication and fit-up prior to welding
  • Any profile over 300mm is ideal for the beam rotator
  • The rotators can easily be moved from the welding bay to the next with a forklift or overhead crane
  • Saftey and rotating of beams has improved largely fabricated profiles and limits soft tissue injuries when manually rotating profiles
  • Ideal for rotating off-centre profiles
  • The older fabricator/welder is reluctant to 'give over' the beam rotator to the younger staff member as they have 'done their time' fabricating the hard way with traditional material handling methods
  • Trusses, semi-trailer chassis and other large structures can be rotated safely and efficiently so a workshop can extend into other steel projects and hit schedules and improve the bottom line
  • Additional man-hours are saved so the workshop can win more and do more
  • When a workshop commissions the latest welding technology that is 30% faster than traditional MIG welding whilst also using the beam rotator this improves the profitability of the welding bays so the business can win more and do more.
  • A fabricator will often start with the one container order of beam rotators and then order a 2nd container within 6 months so either 4-6 beam rotators are deployed within the workshop working 1-2 shifts per day.
  • Zeman Steel Beam Assembly clients are using these beam rotators around the world as Stierli-Bieger is a recommended provider from Zeman to their clients.  The Zeman SBA will keep four welders busy per shift when using these beam rotators so a 2nd welding robot may not be required from the steel beam assembler



Increase your productivity significantly – save over 30-40% of your working time.

The Stierli rotator was developed to turn heavy and large loads like beams and welded structures quickly and safely without a crane. This allows you to save a lot of working time and increase productivity. This welding positioner or welding manipulator functions as a lifting and rotating device with reliable chains.

The turning device is not only used for beam welding but other sections can also be turned with it, e.g. the use as a pipe turning device. Loading is impressively simple with the overhead crane or by pushing the rotator to the sides.

The rotator is also available with rollers. However, the smaller models can be positioned very easily with the hand pallet truck, whereby the distance between the stands of this welding device is freely selectable.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence-based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man-hours reduced from a Stierli-Bieger Beam Rotator Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and ongoing strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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