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“You can choose your friends but not your family.” - Harper Lee

An introduction: I am not your cousin, I am not your friend however we may become business associates. We are interested in having a conversation with you or your nominee on what strategies your workshop has to add value to all your steel profiles, plate and fabrication or welding automation processes to grow your business.

With regards to your fabrication and steel processing automation, you already know why, how and with whom your business succeeds. You already know where you have been able to look inside your business for improvement. Please consider that now you know where else can you look outside your business for improvements and automation strategies to add value to steel processing and fabrication of structures.

Whether familiarity breeds contempt or trust is decided by the value of the relationship. A relationship that is sustainable is built on honesty, confidence and belief, these decide if you choose to offer contempt or trust.

We do not ask for your trust – yet. Be confident that we can demonstrate honesty and your belief in our informed expertise that has built a legacy of sustained automation improvement strategies for your peers throughout Australasia.

How do you choose your friends and business associates? If logic, measurable data and evidence-based outcomes are as important to you as they are to SMS, we have potential business association.


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