How To Buy – Step 12) Flexibility Study Part 3



“Investors will probably be happy because the new structure gives management more flexibility to manage the assets. Down the road, will certain businesses be shut down or spun off because they are not paying their way? That could happen.” Roger Kay

If you find most of the clutter and noise from business coaches as irrelevant as it is then please let me clarify the difference between noise and information. We have all seen things that can bring value to our business or so we think. Seeing the value is easy, understanding how to implement it is the real value.

At the core of our conversation is the need to understand the degree of flexibility that currently exists in your business that will create opportunities in new markets and identify any gaps that there may be to enable you to improve.

The strategies identified by completing Part 3 of the Flexibility Study will be listed based on feasibility, affordability and organisational readiness. The estimated initial- and annual-cost and implementation timeframe will help you decide the affordability of the strategy, and organisational readiness, top-tier management support and ROI are also considered to assist in qualifying the innovation and automation strategy.

It is important that you understand the work you have been doing, the markets you are aspiring to be active in, as well as how you plan to be in those new markets.

Let us review the concept and receive agreement on how the innovation and automation strategy will grow your business and provide the ROI that is forecasted.

Your input into this process is crucial, accordingly share the views of your strategy evaluation team with us and challenge our commentary.


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