Castellini Transversal Welding Line (TWL)

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The Castellini TWL is the easiest way to build XXL plates from commercial materials, ideal for oversized Service Centers or rail coach wall production. This advanced Transversal Welding Line offers unmatched speed and simplicity in creating oversized plates and can include a cutting portal for preparing windows or openings (TWC series) or a compact configuration using a single portal for both welding and cutting (TWCe series).

Automated for top-quality, flexibility, and performance, the TWL unit automatically joins different plates and cuts windows, doors, passages, and openings of unlimited dimensions, especially in length. It handles various material gradations and thicknesses, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, HSS, Docol, Domex, and Hardox. The welding process is customizable to meet specific customer needs and common commercial plates, equipped with Pure Laser Welding, Laser Cold Wire Welding, or Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) technology, based on material characteristics and thickness.


The TWL series welds and processes commercial plates transversally, supporting different material grades and thicknesses, and includes automatic loading and alignment to the welding line. Optional features like NDT controls (Ultrasound systems) and integrated automatic cutting systems (2D or 3D bevel) prepare all required shapes and designs. While the processed plate width depends on available commercial plate width, the final length is theoretically limitless.

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