Used Gietart GV 2500 Top Coating Painting Machine

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technical OVERVIEW
    • 24-metre-long drying chamber with a budget of 500 working hours
    • Replacement cost over € 1M with 6+ month delivery
    • Ex-stock Europe; subject to prior sales
    • Entrance dimensions: 2600 x 700 mm
    • max. part width: 2.500 mm
    • max. part height: 600 mm (including possible rack!)
    • min plate thickness without extra support: 6 mm
    • max. transport weight: 800 kg/m
    • max. load on 20 m length: 10.000 kg
    • min. part length: 3.200 mm
    • max. part length: 22.000 mm
    • conveyor height: 800 mm
    • working speed /passage speed range: 0,4–2,0 m/min (depending on painting layer thickness)
    • reference working speed: 1,0 m/min at 80 μm d.f.t.
    • paint layer thickness: 40-120 m
    • paint type: water-based paint of first-choice quality
    • Additional material handling can be purchased to suit your workshop’s capacity and ambitions
    • 3D Post-fabrication Construction Blaster - in the process of being purchased that will complement this top coating line or the SLF open-space painting system with a movable telescopic dryer
    • 3D Scanner and the latest software can be purchased, installed and inspected; under power, prior to decommissioning, packing, freight, and installation at your workshop

Some of these photos were taken from the seller’s workshop, prior to decommissioning and freight.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence-based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man-hours reduced from a used Gietart GV 2500 Post-Fabrication Top Coating Painting Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and ongoing strategy, and we will then assess any gaps to deliver to your business and your clients successfully.