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Buyers of plasma cutting machines consider investing in a cutting table that requires minimal floor space. Many machines are designed to have one sheet on the cutting table then removing the cut pieces and skeleton before loading the next sheet. What is discovered with this style of plasma cutting machine is the torch arc on time is decreased by 50% due to the material handling implications of not having a longer or wider machine.

For example, customers with a longer or wider machine can be cutting parts on zone A and at the same time can be unloading cut parts and the skeleton or remanent on zone B. Once this process is completed a new plate can be positioned in zone B and be ready for processing when the cutting is being completed in zone A. That is why we recommend a longer or wider cutting bed that provides flexibility in the side plates that can be loaded onto the cutting table. The operator can position plates ready to be processed in multiple cutting zones on the plasma cutting table whilst the plasma torch is in operation. This increases the arc on time which improves capacity, schedule and cost.

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