Case Study – Avoid the deadly sins when using a boutique machine tool builders home brand nesting & programming software


The advantages of ensuring your business have the right software, no matter the source of plasma cutting machine deployed are:

  • Software upgrades are regularly provided. (Yes with SMS)
  • An international software company can provide solutions observed by the niche situations worldwide and pass the benefits to all users during the scheduled software upgrade. (Yes with SMS)
  • International software companies have patents that cannot be matched from ‘me too’ providers or suppliers of home brand software. (Yes with SMS)
  • Home brand software will only run the machine tool builders machine and no other machines from a fleet that may include laser cutting, routers, water jet or other plasma cutting machines. (Yes with SMS)
  • Specialist modules that include direct links to the ERP systems to reduce administration overheads, superior plate inventory and remnant tracking allowing for higher plate utilisation; optimised quotation methods that ensure quotations reach clients hours or days before the competition have a chance to bid the work. (Yes from SMS)
  • National companies programming and estimating production from head office and sending work to machines located in other locations to utilise and re-task man-hours. (Yes from SMS)
  • Offshoring programming to low-cost countries or contracting overload demand to virtual staff that are familiar with the software improves the flexibility for over or under demand situations. (Yes from SMS)
  • Software development, research and development annual budgets are considerably higher than boutique machine tool builders producing 1 machine per month with home brand software. This ensures bevel cutting and various precision machining or drilling functionality is effective and profitable. (Yes from SMS).

Clients report that choosing a plasma cutting software package with the above advantages typically causes significant increases in productivity through faster programming, ease of implementation and cost-effective local ongoing support. (Yes from SMS)

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