Zeman Virtual Open House - Walk Through

Zeman Virtual Open House - Walk Through

Part Sorting Technology Now Autonomously Driving Sorted Parts to the Zeman SBA or the Welding Benches

Watch the latest video from Zeman CEO, Andreas Hofer, whereby he provides a ‘walk through’ of the very latest and certainly impressive advancement in this world-leading fabrication / assembly / welding and part sorting technology…

Re-ignite the fabrication and see the highlights at a glance:

  • You will get a panoramic overview of all new developments and achievements by ZEMAN for a smart steel construction company
  • See our “Plate Patroller”, ZEMAN’s AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) for autonomous delivery of steel plates for smart logistics
  • Increased efficiency by new functions on the SBA such as “Synchro II”: tacking and welding by 2 robots at the same time.
  • SPS Scanning, plate sorting and nesting of plates for automated loading onto SBA part table

“Build back better” and consider reasons why to purchase equipment now…

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