Zeman Scanning & Plate Sorting

Zeman Scanning & Plate Sorting

A smart system has been developed to identify and sort each plate in its dimension, shape and quality.

The SPS has been created to facilitate the plate management of steel fabricators all over the world.

A smart scanning system identifies each plate in its dimension, shape and quality. After automatically evaluating the characteristics of a plate, a rapidly moving robot sorts the workpiece according to the desired criteria into a designated box. Through fitting each box with an RFID chip, the position of each plate will be known throughout the complete production process and can be surveyed at any time with WIFI connected tablets.

Zeman’s substantial industry knowledge comes from their understanding of the expectations of fabrication and automation. This is created from concept to production testing by Zeman in their 30,000 tonne per annum structural steel workshop in Poland, Austria and Turkey.

Increase your capacity, improve your schedule & cost and meet your performance outcomes with the Zeman SPS.

Specialist Machinery Sales is rapidly becoming a leader in scanning and plate sorting technology. Email us for your free information pack or visit our page here.

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