Invitation - Zeman Open House in Auckland

Invitation - Zeman Open House in Auckland

Zeman Steel Beam Assembly Forum Invitation: 8th April, Auckland

Zeman and Specialist Machinery Sales invite you to see the Zeman Profit Software for their STEEL BEAM ASSEMBLY (SBA) AND WELDING technology. At this special event all of the SBA’s functions and capabilities will be presented by a Zeman application and software engineer. Your questions will be answered and evidence provided regarding fabrication and welding automation for structural steel.

What Will You Learn?

  1. How to programme add-on parts to be assembled & welded in 15 seconds
  2. Time studies for fabrication and welding for each beam programmed
  3. Subject matter described in profit & proof links below

When: Friday 8th of April 2016 at 9.45am – 11.45am OR 1pm – 3pm

Where: HERA House – 17-19 Gladding Place, Auckland

RSVP: Numbers for each session are limited!

Read our latest mailout to learn more about the Zeman Open House in Auckland.

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