Zeman Steel Beam Assembly (SBA) COMPACT + INVITATION TRIAL RUN: 1-12th August, Austria

July 13, 2016 by Todd - No Comments

Come and be impressed about Zeman’s fully automated STEEL BEAM ASSEMBLING technology – automated scanning and assembling of add on parts according to CAD drawings by 2 welding robots & 1 handling robot.

1. Increase capacity!
2. Improve quality!
3. Save time and money!

When: Monday 1st to Friday 12th of August 2016
Where: Zeman Bauelemente: Schlossfeld 5, 8811 Scheifling, Austria
RSVP: Todd Dolling +61 (02) 9893 1850 or todd@www.smsales.com.au

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What Will Your Learn?

1. How to programme add-on parts to be assembled & welded in 15 seconds

2. Time studies for fabrication and welding for each beam programmed

3. Automation fabrication and welding strategies to increase your workshop capacity to 10,000 tonne / year with out increasing the footprint or headcount.

What Will Be Presented?

1. Programming 90% of add-on parts in 15 seconds in automatic mode with Zeman ProFit software

2. Add-on parts fabricated and welded to beams including in-feed automation conveyor.

See It Work

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