Zeman Factory Tour Webinar - Smart Robotics

Zeman Factory Tour Webinar - Smart Robotics

Smart robotics, a factory tour webinar

Join us online for a private tour of the Zeman Smart Factory with CEO Andreas Hofer. Learn about the latest in Welding and Assembly Automation and see a demo of our latest software upgrade that can increase line speed by up to 30%.

Are you ready to position yourself ahead of your competition with the power of the Zeman Smart Factory? Then let’s get started! I’ll see you online, June 24th for our private tour.

Session 1: SPS – Scanning & Plate Sorting unit

See how automating the Scanning & Sorting of your plates improves internal logistics. Assure quality, trace & track plates and increase your efficiency. Learn about connecting SPS and SBA with Missing Link.

Session 2: Plate Patroller – Self-driven AGV

The PLATE PATROLLER is an affordable self-driven delivery vehicle designed to navigate complex environments with point-to-point precision while under heavy load, promising increased health & a rapid return on investment.

Session 3: SBA SR Compact

The SR (Single Rail) Compact welding and assembly machine is our most compact and affordable offer. This machine offers a remarkable set of features within a limited footprint: fork-lift fed side-loading, angle part processing, full camera system, multi-pass welding, just to name a few.

Session 4: Terminator 760 – Stand-alone Welding Cell

The Terminator 760: the highest precision of any stand-alone welding cell, offering welding quality up to A15 and 10 welding layers. Perfectly suited for future extension to an assembling station working on the same pro-FIT software.

Session 5: SBA Conti+

This brand-new machine has been built for a future extension to a double-sided line, the SBA2. We will demo our latest features and functionalities such as the fully automated line-up and feed-in of beams from cross conveyor to assembling & welding station.

Finally, we present SYNCRO II: a revolutionary upgrade to the software that allows for simultaneous assembling & welding using both robots. An exciting innovation we are pleased to show you in this exclusive webinar!

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