Video Testimony - Zeman Compact SBA

Video Testimony - Zeman Compact SBA

Video Testimony – Thomas Steel Fabrication

Thomas Steel Fabrication have been in operation in Townsville since 1956, providing a range of steel fabrication services throughout North Queensland, from large mining contracts, industrial and commercial buildings to general fabrication and metalwork.

They specialise in the fabrication and erection of structural steel. They have the capability and capacity to undertake a wide range of fabrication projects and are committed to producing a high quality standard of work.

In this video testimony the General Manager, Danella Lane, explains the competitive advantage their workshop has received since after commissioning the Zeman Compact SBA:

“ In terms of scheduling, it has enabled us to meet client demands, we have been able to scale up our business to meet projects with very short timeframes, so we have been able to increase our tonnage and meet those deadlines… ”

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