Zeman at FABTECH 2019 in Chicago

Zeman at FABTECH 2019 in Chicago

New Robotic Technology from Zeman!

Visit the LIVE SBA Presentation at the FABTECH Booth #A2147 on November 11th-14th in Chicago.

North America’s largest event for metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing.

The annual exhibition hosted by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA), is bringing together innovation and world-class Welding technology.

Zeman is proud to present our visitors with the latest products and tools to improve shop productivity and profits.

Meet the next evolution in structural steel fabrication, the SBA a robotic assembler and welder.

Tack and weld options on the SBA alleviate bottlenecks at the welding process and give welders a time boost by completing the most costly tasks prior to weld stand operations.

Automating fabrication and welding is reducing the man-hours per tonne to fabricate steel which is allowing the businesses with a Zeman SBA to win more and do more which is what you want isn’t it?

Specialist Machinery Sales is rapidly becoming a leader in steel beam assembly technology. Email us for your free information pack or visit our Steel Beam Assembly & Welding page here.

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