Case Study - Avoid Suffering From Buying The Wrong De-Burring Machine

Case Study - Avoid Suffering From Buying The Wrong De-Burring Machine

Avoid Suffering From Buying The Wrong De-Burring Machine: Hindsight + Foresight = Insight

We all look at developing our business to improve our competitive position and to be more efficient. It is fair to think about all of our assets when we do this, as well as our people, guarding ourselves against making the incorrect choice.

Recently a steel processor commissioned their first de-burring and edge-breaking machine to automate a gap in their product offering. Steel Service Centres have a duty to remove sharp edges from laser and plasma cut parts. The owner discovered that their clients were failing the QA/QC from the parts processed when the black scale was ground from the parts instead of the edge of the parts. A fabricators preference is for the black scale to remain on the part for corrosion resistance and, to prevent weld spatter from sticking to a shiny ground surface. Consequently, the clients endless belt de-burring machine is currently on the market after working 40-hours as the agent would not take the machine back when it was not fit for the steel services centres purpose.

Most metal de-burring machines designs come from the wood working industry where it is common to completely grind the top surface using an endless belt design. Fabricators want the edge of the part to be de-burred or edge rounded after laser, plasma or oxy cutting. Fabricators and processors discover the hard way that endless belt de-burring machines are suited for sheet metal applications and never plate.

We all encounter plasma and oxy cut parts that have deformation from the heat used from the cutting process. Owners with endless belt de-burring machines have discovered that it is not possible to achieve an even surface finish on the whole surface when parts have deformation. It is common to witness companies manually grinding parts, after they have been through an endless belt de-burring machine, to avoid the parts failing the QA/QC.

How do you buy the wrong new or used de-burring machine?

By not asking the right questions about the specification from the subject matter expert, your businesses expected performance outcomes might not be realised. When we bring assets into our business we do so because we expect they will bring value. If we do not understand “precisely” how that value is going to be realised are we making a good choice?

The risk of getting it wrong can have significant long-term implications to your business. The bottom line is that incorrect utilisation of resources, cash flow, floor space, power and limitations will have an effect on the type of work a business can bid for and win. That is how easy it is to make a poor choice and why so many de-burring machines in Australia are underutilised or decommissioned.

What happens when you buy the wrong de-burring machine?

By not understanding the gap that has driven the need for change, we can often find comfort in familiarly, prior knowledge and peer relationships. While this can be a good source of shared experience, very few will tell us what happens next. Lost contracts, damaged reputation, reduced capabilities, and a poorly engaged workforce are experiences that have been recounted by too many clients who have purchased an endless belt de-burring machine that is suited to the woodworking industry and not metalworking.

What happens when you buy the correct de-burring machine?

When we accept that our current assets are not performing (by capacity, availability or reliability) we know we need to either supplement or replace them. A gap analysis can identify the performance shortfall and highlight deficiencies in the business’ capabilities. Information will be required regarding capacity expectations, revenue and SWOT profiles, value gap analysis, supply chain management, complimentary processes as well as material handling, training and support.

Partnering with a machine tool supplier who has the knowledge and expertise to match your business’ performance outcomes to a machine tool specification will assist you to bid for, and win work. Clients of Specialist Machinery Australia have reported that the value of engaging and gaining our support as well as participation in the design process to create the specification that will maximise your value and ROI.

Through implementing a specification-driven selection that delivers increased capability, sector relevance and potential revenue streams are enhanced. Clients are able to forecast a more competitive, efficient and productive product offering when performance and quality concerns are addressed. This in turn produces happy customers.

If all of our assets and our people have the versatility to do not only what we need today but in our future, how much more confident would we be with what that future looks like?

We all look at developing our business to improve our competitive position and be more efficient. It is fair to think about all of our assets and our people when we do this, guarding ourselves against making the incorrect choice.

How can we improve your process? We can work together and show you how.

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