Case Study - A Guide to Specifying a Wet or Dry Bed Plasma Cutting Table

Case Study - A Guide to Specifying a Wet or Dry Bed Plasma Cutting Table

Wet or Dry Bed Plasma Cutting Table?

Both table designs have advantages; however, dry beds have been found to result in superior cut quality and a smoother cut edge. Therefore, partnering with a machine tool supplier with knowledge and expertise to match your performance outcomes to a machine tool specification will assist you to bid for and win work supplying a price sensitive part to the market.

Historically, wet beds were the preferred solution when the plasma head cut steel under water because it was the most cost effective way to trap fumes and particulates from the cutting process. Modern plasma torches no longer cut under water and the more complex water table designs have deeper tanks with removable slat assemblies as well as pneumatically controlled mechanisms to raise and lower the water. The benefit of being able to quickly raise/lower the water table is that small parts are easily retrieved and operators can reduce the heat being transferred into the plate. This is most beneficial when oxy cutting thick parts or plasma cutting thin parts to avoid deformation created from too much heat being transferred into the part.

SMS Advantages

SMS clients can manufacture a plasma cutting wet bed and dry bed to the machine tool builders’ design giving every business the opportunity to save money.

Other advantages of the SMS cutting table for gantry machines is that they are modular so, if the machine and cutting table need to be moved this is can be arranged without requiring wide load semi trailers and police escorts to transport a3.4m wide plasma cutting table. The Australian market rarely purchases any used plasma cutting machines from interstate manufacturers as the cost of relocating the cutting table due to its width is simply not cost effective.

SMS competition water tables requires lower cutting speeds. The quality of the cut can also be compromised when water splashes onto the hot plasma cut edge, hardening some material grades and compromising welding processes. The costs of understanding which parts have failed the QA/QC after they have been supplied to a client is expensive and reputations are lost.

If your business is considering a plasma cutting machine with drilling and extra machining capacity we advise reviewing this case study 11 to assist you in specifying a wet or dry bed cutting table.

Your most burning questions answered about a wet or dry plasma cutting table when drilling and extra machining capacity is required.

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