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Vernet Behringer

Vernet Behringer

Vernet Behringer Expertise

Vernet Behringer MachineryVernet-Behringer’s extensive capabilities come from 125 years involvement with the fabrication and steel processing industry in the broadest sectors and applications.

Vernet-Behringer machines established performance is measured in orders of magnitude when comparisons are made. Vernet-Behringer R&D, including software, enables all users to approach every project with absolute confidence irrespective of all demands.

Vernet-Behringer have seen a variety of entrants into fabrication and steel processing automation over the last 125 years, which should be expected. It is also true that there have been a variety of exits from fabrication steel processing and automation.

Vernet Behringer’s longevity is represented in the flexibility and diversity of capability and performance, all of which users expect as standard. Here you will find absolute expertise developed from an appreciation of the capabilities of steel. Say yes to your clients with confidence knowing that flexibility, and not redundancy, is built into the Vernet Behringer machines.

Vernet Behringer Versatility

Vernet Behringer offer all users the depth and breadth of the decades of contributions made to the fabrication and steel processing industry.

The contributions to every project from Vernet Behringer users, by definition, adds value. Why? Because Vernet Behringer offer flexibility with increased functionality.

Vernet Behringer’s insight and in-house innovation allows adoption of current thinking and advancement of future trended fabrication processes. Through this approach Vernet Behringer machines introduce discreet and extensive automation applications to fabricators.

Vernet Behringer Sustainability

Vernet Behringer’s durability and incremental capability affords every user the opportunity to go to market with broad appeal and competitiveness.

Vernet Behringer invites you to share your ambitions, strategy and expectations to assist a specification to deliver your success.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from Vernet Behringer structural steel fabrication machinery.

Partners for Steel

Three well established industry leaders have partnered together in order to provide their combined know how to steel fabricators and distributors worldwide.

Vernet-Behringer, an innovative manufacturer of dedicated production lines for the steel industry, Behringer GmbH, one of the world leaders in sawing solutions and Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH the world’s leading manufacturer of surface finishing technology, including preservation lines, have allied their competencies in order to provide turnkey installations that combine machining, sawing and shot blasting equipment. Worldwide, 1,700 employees are committed to serve end users through Specialist Machinery Sales in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Vernet Behringer Machinery

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