Vernet Behringer Plasma Cutting, Punching & Drilling Machines

Vernet Behringer Plasma Cutting, Punching & Drilling Machines

Vernet Behringer Plasma Cutting, Punching and Drilling with Automatic Material Handling & Part Marking

The Vernet Berhinger plate processing centres (Mag B or Mag Evo) plasma cutting machine with extra machining, drilling or punching capacity is the fabricators best choice for processing price sensitive add-on assembly parts for the structural steel industry.

  1. Lower cost of scrap by 12% compared to gantry style machines
  2. Twin plasma torches increase capacity by 30% when processing common parts
  3. The MAG B can punch holes in plate up to 25mm in 1 second per punch which can be 600% faster than drilling
  4. Automate plate loading and unloading to maximise plasma cutting arc on time
  5. Automate material handling and deburring plasma dross for small cut parts
  6. Use less floor space and staff to operate the machine compared to gantry style machines
  7. Stamp part numbers in 1 second per character and V-score layout marking on a base plate
  8. Deburr holes automatically on the underside of the plate
  9. Kjelberg plasma torch which is the superior choice for 3D bevel cutting

Automating fabrication is reducing the man-hours per tonne to fabricate steel which is allowing the businesses with a Vernet Behringer to win more and do more which is what you want isn’t it?

Specialist Machinery Sales is rapidly becoming a leader in Vernet Behringer Plasma Cutting technology. Email us for your free information pack or visit our Vernet Behringer page here.

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