Vernet Behringer Angle Machine

Vernet Behringer Angle Machine

Vernet Behringer Angle Machine – (Travelling X axis 500mm option)

Imagine fighting a battle with spears when your opponent is using machine guns.

The gap in the different technologies would make it an unfair advantage to the side with the machine guns. The same advantage is now available to your business when automating tasks that currently are completed manually on the workshop floor.

V-scoring of add-on part layout marking using 500mm travelling X-axis is a technology breakthrough in this class of machine that is only available with Vernet Behringer.

The Vernet Behringer Angle machine allows fabricators to re-task 25 man hours from their workshop for every 500 add-on parts fabricated and assembled.

The resulting competitive advantage is increased capacity, improved schedule and a 30% reduction in costs.

Automating fabrication is reducing the man-hours per tonne to fabricate steel which is allowing the businesses with a Vernet Behringer to win more and do more which is what you want isn’t it?

Specialist Machinery Sales is rapidly becoming a leader in Vernet Behringer Beamline technology. Email us for your free information pack or visit our Vernet Behringer page here.

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