Tos Expertise

TOS’ area of expertise has been, for decades, the designing and building of manual horizontal boring and milling machines (HBM). In fact there are very few choices for machine shops around the world to invest in a manual HBM outside of China. TOS was the original, and is still considered the best, HBM on the market today.

TOS has not needed to change their design for a HBM for the last 30 years. The market does not require TOS to change a winning combination of accuracy and reliability.

Tos Versatility

TOS can provide a new HBM or a Re-TOS HBM. The Re-TOS HBM will refurbish the original casting and replace every other part on the machine. The Re-TOS can actually be more expensive than a new TOS HBM considering the additional work and labour that is required to totally refurbish an existing HBM.

Many machine shops prefer the Re-TOS with the full warranty provided as they belive the mature casting is the better solution.

Many machinists have cut their teeth using TOS HBM that have been in service for decades. An investment in a TOS HBM will provide reliability, accuracy and flexibility to your machine shop.

The TOS HBM will work for decades of hard labour in general engineering, machine shop and hydraulic repair workshops.

Tos Sustainability

The TOS HBM will perform better for longer from the day a machine is commissioned when comparisons are made to an HBM from China. TOS manufacture a ridged machine tool to enable optimum machining at the cutting tip. Less vibration and higher tolerances are ensured over the life time of the machine. The machinists will be pleased to work on the TOS HBM compared to anything supplied from China.

TOS invites you to share your ambitions, strategy and expectations to assist a specification to deliver your success.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a TOS horizontal boring and milling machine.

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