Case Study - A winning strategy for lowering cost-tonne of structural steel fabrication

Case Study - A winning strategy for lowering cost-tonne of structural steel fabrication

A winning strategy for lowering cost-tonne of structural steel fabrication

Welding cleats onto beams is labour intensive and expensive in Australia. Many Australian businesses have needed to hire skilled welders from outside of Australia on 457 visas in order to meet capacity and delivery demands.

Clients who have invested in a Zeman beam assembly machine have found that they can reduce the cost/tonne to fabricate structural steel. This value was achieved from efficiency savings when requiring fewer skilled welders and boilermakers to complete projects.

Does your business know how long it takes to tack and assemble cleats to a beam and the time to weld out?

Fabricators typically know how many boilermaker hours are required for welding cleats to beams. However, they can struggle to understand the efficiency savings that can be achieved from a beam assembly machine if they are not measured against part drawings.

Zeman are able to provide an auditable time study on their beam assembly machines from your clients detailed steel fabrication drawings. This time study will highlight the capacity increases and efficiency gains that are possible to assist you in reducing overall cost/tonne for fabrication. Imagine having an accurate beam assembly time that is 60% faster than manual fabrication before tendering for a project!

Structural fabricators should measure the ROI from a beam assembly machine to understand the value of this investment.

There are several critical specification considerations that your business will need to address that will position you to win more work by lowering your price per tonne to fabricate. These include significant performance variations in material handling, process optimisation and ancillary finishing requirements. Depending upon the machine selected, this will influence post-install variations and capabilities in relation to expectations and the related costs.

There are seven beam assembly specifications to select from to meet your business’s fabrication performance outcomes. Fabricators can easily measure and understand the value of automating the beam assembly compared to manual fabrication. Once efficiency savings, capacity increases, delivery reductions and maximization of floor space and other resources are considered fabricators will be left asking this question: can your business afford NOT to invest in a Zeman beam assembly machine?

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