3 European Steel Fabrication Industry Leaders Partner

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Experts in AUTOMATING STEEL PROCESSING for all profiles with cutting, drilling, punching, painting & shot-blasting machinery!

Three European industry leaders have partnered together in order to provide their combined expertise to steel fabricators & steel distributors worldwide.

Increase your capacity, improve schedule and cost when deploying an automation strategy to add value to all of your steel profiles.

Partners for Steel Capabilities & Video

vernet-behringer-expertiseVernet Behringer Expertise

Extensive capabilities come from 134 years involvement with the fabrication and steel processing industry in the broadest sectors and applications.

Automatic Beamlines

Plasma Cutting Machines

Vernet Behringer Capabilities

rosler-expertiseRosler Expertise

There is hardly a workpiece surface that cannot be improved with the machine and process technology of Rosler.

Automatic shot-blasting and preservation (painting) machines will increase capability, efficiency & profit.

Rosler Shot Blasting

Rosler Painting Lines

Rosler Shot Blasting & Painting Capabilities

behringer-expertiseBehringer Expertise

Cutting steel is one of the first processes that Behringer adds value through flexibility with increased functionality.

The full range of cutting automation is now available with an attractive ROI.

Every steel profile cut automatically – Do this first step well

Case Studies

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Re-task 25 man-hours for every 500 add-on parts fabricated and assembled

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