How Robotic Welding is Transforming the Australian Labor & Competiveness Crisis

How Robotic Welding is Transforming the Australian Labor & Competiveness Crisis

How robotic welding is transforming the Australian labor & competiveness crisis

Discover how robotic welding transforming fabrication through out the region and allowing companies that have struggled to retain quality staff and win business to massively improve productivity and pricing.

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I was sick of losing our best guys to the mines and investing all my time and effort in training new team members only to loose them when they became skilled. The robotic welding solution allowed us to take the skills from our best guys and replicate them in a manner that could run 24 hours a day when required to the highest standard. This allowed me to have my skilled people engaged in interesting and rewarding ‘one off projects’ as well as helping with retention and competitiveness.

Drake trailers started to identify the decline of their ability to compete on the world market, as a result of cheap imports and the demand from their clients outstripped their ability to deliver profit. The robotic solution transformed their operation in the critical areas of high quality, repeatability, maximization of human resource, reliability, and competitiveness. The ABB robot was selected for it’s obvious robustness, flexibility of operation (360 degree radius of action) and ability to move from one work station to the other, so the set up could occur in one area while execution of fabrication occurred in the other. See video testimony –

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