Case Study - How Do I Recognise Good Advice for my Business?

Case Study - How Do I Recognise Good Advice for my Business?

How do I recognise good advice for my business?

All those working in the steel fabrication and processing industry have shared similar experiences, although some of us from different points of view. We have all seen ourselves as being at the sharp end whether we are mining ore, making steel and fabricating structures, or as design engineers and machinery manufacturers. With our clients we have collectively seen the contribution our industry makes, always driven by determination, learned expertise and teamwork.

Take a moment to think about those different points of view and all of the pulls and pushes that challenge our business’s ability to be not only competitive but relevant. We know that the pushes are easier because the majority of them are when we drive improvements, ideas and change. The pulls however tend to be what others consider good advice for my business, without accepting that they don’t know my business with the intimacy that I do. The disappointing thing is that this affects the size of the team and the extent of expertise available to the rest of us.

Who gives good advice?

A trusted advisor and Business Improvement Specialist is someone who you decide can make a difference to your business by showing you the results of good advice, not someone who tells you that their advice is good just because it is. You might call it an apprenticeship, doing the hard yards or the university of life; subject matter expertise is about an individual or an organisation not where they got their knowledge from.

Your choices are always your choices.

Making the decision about how you choose the next strategy for your clients, suppliers and your business can be both confronting and exciting. The tipping point is weighted by intuition vs information and which one is informed by good advice. If we accept that good advice is determined by you and offered by an informed trusted advisor and Business Improvement Specialist, when it comes to fabrication automation strategies how many trusted advisors do you have?

Specialist Machinery Sales (SMS) have a legacy of good advice and clients who consider us their trusted advisor.

Things we don’t know:

  • What criteria do you apply to good advice?
  • What methodology do you follow to design strategic change?
  • What metrics do you apply to measure ROI?

Consider these answers and consider informing us, then consider if our advice is good and can be trusted.

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