White Paper - Easy Ways To Make Radius on Parts Faster

White Paper - Easy Ways To Make Radius on Parts Faster

Competitively produce a 1-2mm radius on plasma / laser cut metal parts to meet corrosion protection specification changes

Australian fabricators that do not automate the edge rounding of their cleats loose competitiveness to natural competitors that do. When edge rounding is specified the client expectation is for a 25 year corrosion warranty to be provided. The rounded edge of a part provides corrosion protection by assisting paint adhesion to a greater surface area, rather than flaking away from a sharp edge. What the industry has learnt is that it is expensive and difficult to manually provide a 2mm radius on the internal and external details of parts that vary in size and weight. Your business must be experiencing these same challenges for edge rounding of cleats/parts. How are you addressing them?

Fabricators edge round steel parts using a variety of manual operations such as angle grinders, pedestal drills and manual routing machines. Australia must improve efficiency to compete with imported fabricated steel from Asia that edge round their product offering for $2/hour. Australian workshops have dedicated trade assistants costing $80K. Each of them is edge rounding metal parts/cleats to meet the client’s edge rounding specification, which is AS 1627.01997 Metal finishing Preparation and pre treatment of surfaces Method selection guide.

Specialist Machinery Sales deburring machines have a solution that Australian businesses have embraced to edge round their product offering. To date, Specialist Machinery Sales is the only machine tool dealer that has the reputation and references to supply an edge rounding machine suitable to produce parts up to 100mm thick with a 2mm radius or 800kg. Parts can also be processed as small as a credit card.

Fabricators in Australia have reported added value to their business, and clients across all markets, following an investment with SMS to automate the edge rounding requirements to meet their client’s specification.

Quality and performance issues are addressed and competitive advantage is restored to Australian businesses when they automate manual and expensive grinding operations.

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