Pipe Cutting – Getting it Right, First Time, Every Time, on Time. Do you?

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3D Pipe Thermal Cutting Machines for the First and Most Important Process in Pipe Fabrication Workshops

Muller Opladen – Expertise, Versatility, Sustainability

How does working with SMS change your business?  Read on.

What it Does For You?

When accuracy and momentum are most at risk here is where you will find peace of mind.

Availability of time and resources are the masters of every business, here you can increase both.

Increase your weld volume, capacity, improve schedule.

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muller-opladen-03How it Works?

– Oxy or plasma cutting options
– Up to 7 axis available
– Cutting round or square tubes
– Automatic pipe handling & logistics
– Programming choices from offline, online or CAD/CAM

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muller-opladen-04See it Work – See the Value

The RB Classic Series covers our classical machines primarily for round pipes with a maximum diameter of up to 2,032 mm and up to a pipe weight of 20 tonnes. This series is also suitable for square & rectangular pipes.

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Profit & Proof

Review this video to see the complete 3D profile cutting and mechanical welding systems for pipe and fittings.

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muller-opladen-05Case Studies

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How Does Your Business Select the Correct Machine?

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