Do you remember when innovation meant something that improved outcome significantly by doing the task in an entirely different way, not just by changing slightly and improving moderately? We do, which is why it is time to take the Chinese whispers out of engineering. Failed QA through errors in fabrication and inaccurate drawings caused by poorly informed changed orders are all too often mostly on paper.

The digital environment is continually enhancing available structural steel fabrication data, although the connection to the workshop floor has been lost.


There have been decades of marking and scribing steel beams by hand that any fabricator will grimace at the cost and time lost. Following project completion, we can rue the material QA/QC recall due to accuracy and revision control.

Nicklebutt Machinery established the removal and elimination of human touch in this process. A significant and genuine innovation that accurately, reliably and consistently performs all of the marking and scribing tasks including weld fillet sizes and other accumulated data from the steel detailed model.

Now you have an alternative laser layout printer.


Consider the scheduling and processes in your workshop today, consider the efficiencies that have already been introduced and how they influenced positive change in productivity, client satisfaction and revenue.

Here is a simple proven and precise method to re-task man-hours from your fabrication process as well as exploit the added availability of your existing machinery and man-hours.


Every steel processor and fabricator ensures their longevity by adapting and improving how they take their product to market. We do not often see a paradigm shift in any environment, however, this automation process is exactly that and will influence exponential efficiencies for your workshop and your clients.

The durability of any asset and its contribution is key. Consider the effectiveness and accuracy of correctly selected automation or the sustainability of skilled labour.

We have all seen too many examples of human error in manufacturing, absentmindedness, unpredictability and unreliability are typical causes.

Having the certainty that labour is competent and effective can often be questioned. Instilling confidence, in your client and your workforce, that through automation the most complex sequence can be consistently produced on schedule.



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