Haeusler HPR 3 Roll Profile Bending Machine

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Highest Bending Performance for Various Profile Types

The range of HAEUSLER HPR universal profile bending machines in their standard versions covers a bending capacity of 50 to 7000 cm3 section modulus for all commercially available profile types such as U, I, T, angle, flat and round profiles as well as tubes. In addition, a large number of special profiles can be processed with this product family.

Our standard HPR machines are equipped with a universal bending roller set. Various special roller sets and auxiliary devices can optionally be adapted according to the bending requirements. The symmetrical / asymmetrical bending roller arrangement results in optimal conditions for bending, profiling and flanging work.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence-based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man-hours reduced from a Haeusler HPR 3 Roll Profile Bending Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and ongoing strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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