HGG SPC 1500–3000 PT – CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for Vessels & Offshore

What It Does

Q1. How do we save on fitting and welding for pipe or tube fabrication for complex fittings?
A1: Using skilled welders for laying-out cutting preparation before manual cutting, grinding is time wasted. Skilled welders are hard to find and a potential bottleneck in your fabrication process. The SPC range automates these processes, allowing welders to do what they do best.

Q2. How do we eliminate lay-out time whilst increasing capacity and improve your schedule for layout of pipe spooling on the workshop?
A2: The amount of time spent on laying-out all cut-outs is very time consuming and often unsafe. After initializing on the zero reference point of the structure, accurate and fast positioning of the SPC marking/cutting tool allows for smooth operator control.

Q3. How do we achieve thick wall accuracy?
A3. Deviations during cutting impact welding volume, especially on thick-walled pipes. This hampers your production throughput and increases your fitting and welding costs. The SPC 3000’s patented auto focus robot is designed for executing accurate positioning and movement.

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Oxy fuel pipe cutting applications

What is your greatest worry in a fabrication process? Is it the complexity of the design, poor production flow management, inefficient material handling with too much material waste, loss of control over the operating expenses, or the lack of highly skilled welders? Then, how do you deal with the increasingly tough demands and regulations on welded structural design?

Offshore Fabrication
Substituting manual work with automated oxy fuel pipe cutting is an increasingly popular solution for tough project deadlines in offshore. The SPC 1500-3000 CNC pipe cutting machine is very suitable for fabricating thick-walled pipes, where accuracy is key and weld volume need to be reduced to an absolute minimum.

More and more offshore fabricators are solving their highly deadline-driven production challenges by automating their oxy fuel pipe cutting processes. By employing automated solutions, fabricators easily gain better control over the fabrication process and save time on fitting and welding. The SPC 1500-3000 CNC pipe cutting machine helps fabricators deal with the increasingly tough demands and regulations on welded structural design.

Industry application: oxy fuel pipe cutting of jackets, jacket legs, bracings, nodes, offshore wind jackets, offshore wind tripods

Pressure Vessels
Laying out the hole pattern, executing the cutting and then fitting and welding the parts together are all very time consuming processes. When cutting thick-walled pipes, holes need to be truly round and the cuts need to be highly accurate because any deviation during cutting might increase the welding volume significantly. With the SPC 1500-3000 CNC pipe cutting machine, the time needed for (oxy fuel) pipe cutting a typical shell together with welding in the nozzles, is reduced from 8-10 hours to 1 hour only.

Pre-fabricated vessels and piping systems need to be assembled under strict pipe shop regulations. By automating the cutting process and applying smart weld preparation techniques, materials are ready for fast and easy fitting and welding. An automated cutting process also significantly reduces weld volume. As a result, on-site labor costs are reduced by 30%!

Industry application: oxy fuel pipe cutting of pressure vessels, nozzles, boilers, heat exchangers

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HGG – SPC 1500–3000 PT – CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for Vessels & Offshore

CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

The SPC 1500-3000 machine is a very robust machine built to handle large pipe diameters and heavy weights. Everything in the machine is designed with the purpose to guarantee extreme tolerances during cutting.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a HGG SPC 1500–3000 PT Pipe Plasma Cutter Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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