Kaltenbach KDE 1003 Profile Drilling / Beamline Machine


Dimensions (L x W x H)
3910 x 1500 x 2470 mm
Approx. 3,800 kg
Contour Marking
1,500 mm/min
Rapid Advance / Return Movement
10.000 mm/min
Workspace max.
1.000 x 500 mm
Working Range min.
50 x 5 mm
Drilling Unit Vertical (Y-axis)
1 Piece
Drilling Unit Horizontal (Z and W-axis)
2 Pieces
Drill Size
6-31,75 mm
Number of Tools per Axis
1 Piece
Driver Power Axe
3 kW
Spindle Speed max.
200 – 1.600 min-1
Degree of Automation
Automatic Infeed
Automatic Outfeed
Material Class


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Fast Marking Process

Fast Marking Process

  • Fast marking process for applying letters and numerals
  • Up to 22 characters without material movement
  • Can be integrated into fully-automated handling processes
  • Imprint still clearly visible after galvanizing or painting

Low Wear and Low Maintenance

Low Wear and Low Maintenance

  • Drill carriage mounted on dual play-free, pre-stressed linear guide elements
  • High precision during axis movement and when drilling
  • Ball screw with servomotor for high-precision positioning

High Drilling Capacity

High Drilling Capacity

  • Drilling feed via ballscrew spindle and servo motor
  • Constant and repeatable feed rates
  • Use of HSS tools

Simultaneous Handling from Three Sides

Simultaneous Handling from Three Sides

  • Easy manual tool change at every drilling unit

Automatic Material Clamping and Material Measurement

Automatic Material Clamping and Material Measurement

  • Horizontal clamping device with fixed and movable clamping jaws and long-stroke clamping cylinder
  • Vertical clamping device with four hold-down devices for clamping the material to the machine rollers
  • The clamping devices measure the height and width of the section to be processed for material cross-checking control
  • Optimum clamping of the workpiece during the drilling process

Space Saving Design

Space Saving Design

  • Swarf tray mounted on rollers
  • Two-part swarf tray
  • Removable on both sides
  • Optional swarf conveyor for automated, continuous swarf removal

Machining diversity

Machining diversity

  • NC-controlled cutting angle setting. Powerful clamping system to ensure high cutting quality and long saw band life

In-/Outfeed Side

Connection to Steel Roller Conveyor

Connection to Steel Roller Conveyor

Cross Transport by Means of Lift-and-Carry System (As an Alternative to Drag Chains)

Standard Measuring System on the Feed Side for Sawing Machines

Standard Measuring System on the Feed Side

M 150 P Sliding Measuring Carriage with Pusher Plate

Low-Noise Material Cross Transport

Low-Noise Material Cross Transport

By lightly raising the material using polyamide-coated rollers integrated into the roller conveyor, the traditional “steel on steel” noise from cross transporting profiles is significantly reduced. Transport technology in steel construction and steel trading will be revolutionized through this new system.

  • Fully-automatic control
  • Contributes to enhanced occupational safety and the protection of personnel and the environment

Cross Transport with lifting pins

Cross Transport with lifting pins

Cross Transport with lifting pins

Fast Material Cross Transport

Fast Material Cross Transport

  • Material stock in heavy-duty steel construction
  • Sliding rails of synthetic material (polyamide) for low-noise material cross transport
  • Drag chains with transport claws
  • Drive system with continuously-variable frequency-controlled gear motor

T 13 Transport System for Steel Construction and Steel Service Centers

T 13 Transport System for Steel Construction and Steel Service Centers

T 13 Modular Expandable Conveyor Roller System


PROFILINE - Easy, user friendly machine operation

PROFILINE – Easy, user friendly machine operation

  • Programming of orders via color touchscreen with large keypads directly on the machine control console

PROFILINE - Order manager

PROFILINE – Order manager

  • Create, copy and delete orders
  • Graphic display of individual positions within an order

PROFICUT - Profile database

PROFILINE – Profile database

  • Comprehensive profile database
  • Easily expandable
  • Graphic display of workpiece forms

PROFILINE - Tool manager

PROFILINE – Tool manager

  • Tool Changer setup based upon the tool type and diameter
  • Allocation of the drill diameter to rotational speed settings and feed rates

PROFILINE - Production data report

PROFILINE – Production data report

  • Recording of production times of individual pieces or entire orders

PROFILINE - Data transfer and data response

PROFILINE – Data transfer and data response

  • Data input directly on the machine’s control console
  • Data import in DSTV or DSTV+ format
  • Data export of previously produced parts in DSTV feedback format to any directory



Whether by telephone, email or remote access, with the Helpdesk module you can take advantage of the expertise from our helpdesk team, for telephone advice and support. With remote access we can fix (in 90% of cases) the problem quickly ensuring the highest possible system availability.

  • Wide ranging and professional fault diagnostics and solution.
  • Shorter and less frequent service calls through targeted preparation.
  • Individual advice and support.


Minimize your downtime and achieve the best possible quality processing results from your KALTENBACH machine, always maintained by us with regular, expert inspection and maintenance – Always at competitive costs!

  • Minimum plant downtime.
  • Transparent costs.
  • Cost reduction through early fault detection and elimination.


Tools, wear parts and consumables. We can give comprehensive advice on all of your needs, their technical suitability and their optimum use. By request we provide you with a monthly, quarterly or annual contract. Spare parts at competitive prices.

  • Reliable and fast delivery.
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply.


Every machine is only as good as it’s operator. Regular refresher – Training and / or technology training for your operators and maintenance staff, will not only improve the productivity of your KALTENBACH machine, but also increases the professional qualifications of your employees.

  • Specially tailored to your needs and equipment.
  • Increasing the life of the machine.
  • Reducing errors, downtime and setup times.
  • Ensuring consistent processing and product quality.
  • Ensuring Factory Settings are maintained by highly trained maintenance personnel.

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Kaltenbach KDE 1003 Profile Drilling / Beamline Machine

Drilling Machine for Profiles

Capacity range W x H [mm]: 1000 x 500 and Number of Tools: 3


  • Capacity Range (w x h): 1000 × 500 mm
  • Robust, low-vibration design prolongs machine and tool life
  • Machine portal in robust welded construction incorporating two horizontal and one vertical drilling unit
  • Efficient drilling, contour-marking, centre-marking, counter-sinking and thread-cutting on all three drill axes simultaneously
  • Powerful clamping system reliably holds material and reduces vibrations to prolong band life
  • Intelligent material measurement integrated into clamping system for greater process reliability
  • Rapid/working feed concept for shorter idle times
  • Servomotor and ball screw for high-precision drill axis positioning and feed control
  • A saw can be incorporated to create a saw-drill combination
  • Manual quick-change chuck and tool calibrator
  • Tool-centric processing minimises tool changes
  • Use of HSS drills
  • Three drill axes each with one drilling tool

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Kaltenbach KDE 1003 Profile Drilling / Beamline Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and ongoing strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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