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Simplification. Why utilise expensive labour knowing that you will have proportionate errors, delays and potential hazards when automation eliminates them all.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a robot welding machine.

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Robot Welding Machine

Specialist Machinery Sales is rapidly becoming a leader in robotic welding technology. We have driven aggressively into this field as we believe it is the future for a skilled labour and competitive constrained Australian manufacturing space. Put simply, we can no longer depend on remaining competitive based on our ability to intellectual property. Robotics must and will replace a very significant proportion of tasks performed by skilled and unskilled Australian labour.

Learn more about a revolution in affordable multi tasking robotics and their association with Machinery Automation and Robotics that delivers this to you.

Award-Winning Automation and Robotics Company, Machinery Automation and Robotics has launched the ReadyArc welding range to the market. A variety of TIG/MIG portable welding cells will be made available with each cell suitable for industry applications.

The ReadyArc range includes the ReadyArc Compact (Single Station), ReadyArc Flex (Dual Station Inline) and the ReadyArc Pro (Dual Station V-Cell) which is suitable for larger workpieces.

The welding cells are portable and engineered to suit any plant as they come in a variety of robotic types; Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Panasonic and a range of welding systems; Fronius, ESAB, BOC EWM and Panasonic.

Machinery Automation and Robotics also offer the following options depending on the manufacturing needs; Workpiece Positioners, Fume Extraction, CAD Integration, Seam Finding, Seam Tracking and Advanced 3D Sensing. Their highly qualified team can also provide a cost-effective customised system for existing welding plants.

Machinery Automation and Robotics provides complete automation and robotic solutions Australia wide and internationally through their offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and soon to open in Perth.

They have over 23 years experience and provide a complete service, from design, manufacture and project management through to implementation and 24 hour ongoing support.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Robot Welding Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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