Faccin – HAV – Plate Rolling & Bending Machine

What It Does

Q1. How does the Faccin HAV 3-plate-rolling machine grow my business?
A1: How often do you find your self with no choice other than to say “I’m sorry we do not have the capability to do that”. Removing doubt from your clients and replacing it with assurance and confidence will mean you will not have to say it again.

  • The HAV plate rolls are the most advanced three roll bending machines available on the world market, making this the ideal choice for medium and heavy duty rolling requirements.
  • The bending power obtainable, when increasing the distance between the bending rolls, is extensive allowing for greater utilisation through improved capability and capacity.
  • The pre-bending process with the HAV series meets expectations for schedule and QA/QC as well as HSE. Plate drive and pre-bending quality are equivalent to what is achievable with the more expensive four rolls design machines.
  • The use of idle or motorized roller feed tables and plate-centring systems is available. The plate is inserted horizontally and not angled, typical with traditional three roll machines, enabling re-tasking of over-head cranes and personnel.
  • No foundations are required even for machines with extensive bending capacities. The special design results in a reduced working height because the cylinders moving the lower rolls are positioned horizontally and not like traditional pyramid style plate rolling machines.
  • As all three rolls move, the top roll moves vertically whilst the two lower rolls can move horizontally, each one independent from the other. The unique design makes it possible to adjust the distance between the bending points according to production needs, the same principle as a press brake with variable V dies.

The patented EPS (electronic balancing system) is installed as standard on all the machines in the HAV series, this guarantees the rolls will always be parallel, with a tolerance of 0.2mm and significantly reduced by mechanical wear and tear.

Q2. What makes the Faccin HAV 3 plate-rolling machine better than my known choice for a plate-rolling machine?


FACCIN ADVANTAGE PACKAGE (AP) – included at no charge

  1. Increased productivity, reduced production cost.
    How? Speeds increased by 50% to all hydraulic functions.
  2. Finer roll adjustment, reduced calibration, reduced over rolling. Present the perfect seam for welding with shorter cycle time.
    How? Perfect critical micro positioning.
  3. Increased productivity, reduced costs, simple solution for rolling complex shapes.
    How? Roll rotation and roll positioning of all rolls simultaneously.
  4. Guaranteed energy efficiencies.
    How? New advanced hydraulics.
  5. Complete assurance for the electronic ‘ brain’ of the machine.
    How? Siemens Plc, NC and CNC guaranteed (not cheap alternatives).
  6. Retro fitting of CNC and any handling equipment after machine delivery, with absolute minimum down time and major cost savings.
    How? A new proactive system and frame.
  7. Extended parts warranty up to 3 years.
    How? By completing sensible and simple maintenance protocols with annual pm call. An unbeatable combination of rolling power and pre-bending precision is guaranteed, by the HAV series of plate rolls.

Q3. How does it deliver efficiency and improvements?
A3: Unification and consistency. The assuredness knowing your product will satisfy your client and their schedule whilst improving your contract value is precisely what a competitive edge is. The traditional experience when winning new work is fraught with stress:

  • How do I deliver this with my current resources?
  • Can I meet the schedule?
  • Will the project make me money?

Designing a program with confidence when you have none, because you are struggling to answer these questions, limits both your ability to win new work and to grow your business. Removing this uncertainty with an assured capability and option to re-task manual labour significantly changes your competitive position.

See It Work

How It Works / Brochures

The variety of tasks that every fabricator has traditionally relied upon manual labour to carry out can now be automated on a Faccin plate-rolling machine.

Extensive testing, proving and delivery in all aspects over a number of years in fabricators workshops have built a diverse specification to meet your business performance outcomes and provide the competitive edge from automating.

  1. Faccin Brochure
  2. SMS Metalworking Machinery Capabilities & Brochure

Click on the profit and proof tab on this page to read the case studies that demonstrate good choices.

Why Buy?

Simplification. Why utilise expensive labour knowing that you will have proportionate errors, delays and potential hazards when automation eliminates them all.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Faccin HAV Plate Rolling & Bending Machine.

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Faccin – HAV – Plate Rolling & Bending Machine

Gain advantage in more ways than one. With Faccin machines by definition you will already have an incumbent competitive advantage. With Faccin 4 roll and HAV machines Faccin deliver the advantage package built into every machine.

This advantage makes available the full functionality and capability of these machines on demand. From initial operations users can deploy incorporated functionality after commissioning the machine to maximise utilisation. Extend your capability to meet market demands and to create opportunity for your business and your clients.

One of the big challenges when investing in plate rollers is not all machines are created equal. Beware of buying on price as in real terms the science of plate rolling must factor in a significant number of considerations including, spring back, flat end, top roll diameter, tensile strength of different alloys, linear guide compared to planetary guide plate rolling machines, material handling options and other performance aspects that will impact on the ROI.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Faccin Plate Rolling Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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