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What It Does

Q1. Why is the MAG Evo the best Plate Processing Centre for a steel service centre or fabricator processing structural steel add-on-parts?
A1: Add-on-parts for the structural steel industry are the most price sensitive parts so processing cost per part must be competitive or the market will become a cruel Mistress!

Q2. Why does the MAG Evo Plate Processing Centre process high tonnages to a faster schedule than a gantry style plasma – combination machine with similar capabilities with drilling?
A2: The MAG Evo automatic plate material handling and outfeed processed part conveyor increases the arc on efficiency and lowers the cost per tonne to process so your workshop wins more and does more.

Q3. Why is there less remenant or offcut when processing the same parts on a MAG Evo and a gantry style plasma cutting machine?
A3. The MAG Evo has common chain cutting so there is no offcut between common parts so less skeleton is left to throw in the scrap bin and less piercings are required so cutting consumables last longer

Q4. Why does the MAG Evo Plate Processing Centre use the Kielberg plasma cutting torch?
A1. Kielberg from Germany has a co-operative partnership with Vernet Behringer where research and development has been shared so a steel service centre or fabricator can benefit from dross free plasma cutting so an angle grinder is not required to remove plasma dross from cut parts. Remote diagnostics into the plasma source from Vernet Behringer head office so the correct parts can be provided without a service technician having to attend the machine for diagnostics. Kielberg allows the end user to purchase cutting consumables from any source of supply. Alternative plasma sources are capturing consumers to purchase the cutting consumables from the manufacture of the plasma source, similar to how computer printer manufactures have designed their printers to only accept the print supplied from the manufacture. End users prefer to the choice instead of being forced to continue to provide the gift that keeps on giving to the plasma cutting manufacture.

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How It Works / Brochures

Q1: Why does the MAG Evo have the option to counter sink and debur the underside of the plate after drilling or plasma cutting holes?
A1. Save time on the workshop floor whilst improving schedules and quality when add-on-parts drilled or plasma cut holes. The MAG Evo plate processing centre automates the deburring of holes both sides of the pate. Your clients paint inspector will be accepting 25 year paint warranties as holes from the MAG Evo will not have the sharp edges which is the case with any other machine on the market!

Q2. How does Vernet Behringer software integrate with StuMIS?
A2. Fabricators can now provide accurate proposals faster & forecast then track individual parts or projects accurately through the workshop. Recording compliance and heat certification for individual parts is syncronised with Vernet Behringer and StruMIS – ask for fabricators references in Australia today!

Q3: Why does the MAG Evo Plate Processing Centre use Lantek nesting software?
A3. Expert nesting software for optimal use of the plate. The grippers are automatically reposionable to avoid the plasma torch so less waste is required from the grippers.

Q4: The VB ProSuite software including PRONC2, PROSH, VB SMARTPROD & Estimate 2, what’s it all about?
A4. Ask Vernet Behringer how simple it is to estimate, track parts and heat numbers and see production numbers straight to your mobile phone!

  1. MAG Evo Brochure
  2. VB PROSUITE – Application Software for Steel Structure Project Management
  3. Vernet Behringer Capabilities Brochure
  4. Partners for Steel Brochure
  5. SMS Metalworking Machinery Capabilities & Brochure

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Why Buy?

Q1. How does MAG Evo users earn 30% margin when processing compared to a gantry machine earning 8% margin processing the same parts?
A1. When you are cutting and drilling you are making margin! When processing on gantary style machines the cutting stops for material handling, slow plasma or dot marking. The additional price pressure is applied after adding labour for marking, deburring holes and plasma cutting with Hyperterm so margins are lost or the cost per part needs to increase where processing becomes uncompetitive!

Q2. I don’t believe that most parts processed with a Hyptherm plasma source require angle grinding to remove cutting dross so parts don’t fail QA/QC when others Kielberg or Kaliburn plasma sources 90% of the time require a chipping hammer to remove cutting dross?
A2. I didn’t believe it either until 2015 after visiting several sites that took me into their workshop where there was not an angle grinder near the plasma machine. The cut quality was so good the operator only requires a brick layers chipping hammer to remove the dross & their customers accept this quality every time.

Q3. Why doesn’t the MAG Evo use a vacuum as part of the plate clamping system when drilling to remove the drilling swarf?
A3. There is only one plasma cutting manufacture that requires a vacuum on top of the plate and that is to remove the high pressure drilling coolant so the operator does not have to wear wet weather protection when driving the plasma machine. The MAG Evo uses the more economical MQL (minimum coolant lubrication) delivery system that provides faster drilling and longer carbide drilling consumable life.

How to Purchase the Correct Machine

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Vernet Behringer – MAG evo – Plate Processing Centre

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Vernet Behringer Mag evo Steel Plate Cutting Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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