HGG – ProCutter 600 – CNC Pipe Cutter

What It Does

Q1. What are Partial Joint Penetration Welds?
A1: Equipped with both oxy fuel and plasma, the PC600 covers a wide variety of materials, sizes and wall thicknesses. Unique profiling shapes (e.g.: partial joint penetration, strainer) allow constant and efficient weld preparation despite the existing plasma limitation for tilting. The intelligent profiling shapes will automatically switch from a groove weld preparation to a fillet weld preparation (no extreme beveling needed) once the beveling limitation is exceeded.

Q2. Are your welders spending their time on cutting layout or fit up layout marking, manual cutting and grinding? Do you want to increase capacity and improve your schedule with pipe spool fabrication on your workshop floor?
A2. Skilled welders are hard to find and a potential bottleneck in your fabrication process. Automate the pipe cutting and layout marking process allowing welders to do what they are best at, welding.

Q3. How many pipes need to be processed before you justify your investment in a plasma pipe cutting. Why should the ProCutter 600 be the first pipe cutting machine for your workshop?
A. The PC600 uses HGG advanced technology, while keeping material and engineering costs low. The PC600 accomplishes this by keeping some machine operations less automated, while maintaining material size and maximum weight within a smaller pipe range.

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CNC Pipe Cutter Applications

Steel Construction
The PC600 can simplify the fitting and welding job to fabricate tubular structures. PC600 CNC Pipe cutter a fabricator can cut over 40 tons of pipes a day rather than the previous 10-20.Industry application: Plasma pipe cutting for stadiums, bridges, theme parks, expo centers, airport structures, shopping malls, cranes, trusses

Fabricators keep their welding booths supplied with enough spools cut to tolerance, without having skilled welders wasting their time on fitting. A typical header with 82 bevelled holes on it, can be reduced from 26 hours to only 2 hours.

Industry application: Plasma pipe cutting for skids, frames, spools, manifolds, pipe lines, headers lobster backs, boilers, nozzles

With the PC600 CNC Pipe Cutter, a heli deck made of 95 pipes, usually 240 hours was reduced to less than 40 hours.

Industry application: Plasma pipe cutting for jackets, jack ups, heli decks, support structures, pipe racks, protection frames for subsea manifolds, boat landings.Industry application: Plasma pipe cutting for skids, frames, spools, manifolds, pipe lines, headers lobster backs, boilers, nozzles.

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HGG – ProCutter 600 – CNC Pipe Cutter

Plasma Pipe Cutting within Reach

The PC600 CNC pipe cutter incorporates all of HGG’s advanced technology and expertise. Operational excellence is applied to keep costs low. The PC600 comes with oxy fuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM Interfaces.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a HGG Pipe Cutting ProCutter 600. SMS will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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