Zeman Compact – Structural Steel Beam Assembly & Welding Machine

What It Does

Q1. How does the Zeman Steel Beam Assembly Machine grow my business?
A1: With a proven pedigree and confidence, where comparisons can be made, this machine delivers demonstrated reliability and quality. Fabricators should expect performance improvements realising > 50% increase in fabrication schedules.

Q2. What makes the SBA better than manual fitting and welding?
A2: Within its range of operations the SBA creates opportunity to reduce man hours per ton from your workshop. The added confidence of flexibility and availability reduces the cost of sale and increases productivity.

Q3. How does it deliver efficiency and improvements?
A3: The traditional experience when winning new work is fraught with stress:

  1. How do I deliver this with my current resources?
  2. Can I meet the schedule?
  3. Will the project make me money?

Designing a program with confidence when you have none, because you are struggling to answer these questions, limits both your ability to win new work and to grow your business. Removing this uncertainty, with an assured capability and option to re-task manual labour, significantly changes your competitive position.

Q4. Can the Compact have the in-feed material loading stock yard and automated out-feed for the fabricated profiles?
A4: Yes it can, ask for a layout drawing today.

Q5: Can the Zeman tack, assemble and weld out profiles with mild scale and rust?
A5: Yes, it can with flux core wire.

See It Work

How It Works / Brochures

The variety of tasks that every structural fabricator has traditionally relied upon manual labour to carry out can now be automated.

Extensive testing, proving and delivery in all aspects over a number of years in fabricators workshops has built a diverse specification to meet your business performance outcomes and provide the competitive edge from automating.

Each type of the Zeman plants is supplied as standard in the normal version with a welding robot. This robot is arranged on an overhead external outrigger in order to be able to easily reach all positions on components. With the Plus (+) versions there is another complete, identically constructed robot including outrigger. This means that the welding operation is carried out in almost half the time, as these robots can weld at the same time. This design only makes sense when a lot of welding needs to be carried out on the plant. The second robot makes no sense if the customer intends almost exclusively just to assemble. Therefore Zeman also offers modular systems for every purpose.

  1. Zeman Compact 1100 Brochure
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  11. SMS Fabrication & Steel Processing Metalworking Machinery Portfolio

Click on the profit and proof tab on this page to read the case studies that demonstrate good choices.

Why Buy?

Your business requires growth week on week, year on year. SMS are here to partner with you and your strategic team to understand the alternatives available to you.

Ensuring correct selection of any new asset is crucial, with both efficient use of capital and relevance of the automation process. SMS will work with you to apply the necessary metrics that will highlight what improvements can be made as well as how to achieve them.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so that your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a SBA.

What would your tendering look like if your business were 50% faster in fabrication?

Would you make more money or win more work?

Click the testimonials and case studies to see the positive gains your peers are gaining:

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Click below on the Time Studies to understand capacity and man hours re-tasked:

  1. Zeman Time Study 1
  2. Zeman Time Study 2
  3. Zeman Time Study 3
  4. Zeman Time Study 4
  5. Zeman Time Study 5

Ask us for time studies and software demonstrations today.

How to Buy?


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Zeman – Compact – Structural Steel Beam Assembly & Welding Machine

The Zeman Compact Steel Beam Assembly Machine (SBA) is ideal for structural steel robotic automation. Australian fabricators who have sought a viable alternative that will bring competitive advantage, reduced man hours per ton and offer varied flexibilities are using this machine.

The Compact Steel Beam Assembly Machine is suited to volumes from 1500 ton/year to 7000 ton/year fully fabricated and 21,000 ton/year for assembly only.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Zeman Compact Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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