Vernet Behringer HDX-Evo 2 Spindle (Travelling X-axis 500mm)

What It Does

Q1. How does the Vernet-Behringer beam line grow my business?
A1: Extend your availability without extending labour requirement or footprint from investing in another machine, like a coping robot, and still realise the financial gains. Instead of up skilling your labour and head count, up skill your automation that will remove man hours from your fabrication process. Remove the concern for where am I going to put all of this added functionality? It will all stand in one spot in a single machine, which will be utilised for tasks previously done by hand or on a coping robot.

Q2. What makes the Vernet-Behringer better than my known choice for a beam-line?
A2: Have you noticed how many beam lines installed in Australia are under utilised? Fabrication has seen frequent improvements in method, these have been technology driven. Vernet-Behringer has incorporated the sum of this knowledge into one machine to bring full utilisation to the workshop and deliver a marked reduction in man hours from your fabrication. The added confidence of flexibility and availability reduces cost per ton and increases capacity and man hour return.

Q3. How does it deliver efficiency and improvements?
A3. Unification and consistency. The assuredness knowing your product will satisfy your client and their schedule whilst improving your contract value is precisely what a competitive advantage is. The traditional experience when winning new work is fraught with stress:

  • How do I deliver this with my current resources?
  • Can I meet the schedule?
  • Will the project make me money?

Designing a program with confidence when you have none, because you are struggling to answer these questions, limits both your ability to win new work and to grow your business. Removing this uncertainty with an assured capability and option to re-task manual labour significantly changes your competitive position.

See It Work

How It Works / Brochures

The variety of tasks that every structural fabricator has traditionally relied upon manual labour to carry out can now be automated on a Vernet-Behringer beam line. This can now be fully automated.

Extensive testing, proving and delivery in all aspects over a number of years in fabricators workshops has built a diverse specification to meet your business performance outcomes and provide the competitive edge from automating.

  1. Vernet Behringer HD-X EVO2 Beamline Brochure
  2. Vernet Behringer HD-X Beamline Brochure
  3. Vernet Behringer HD-X Presentation
  4. Vernet Behringer Steel Fabrication Presentation
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  7. Partners 4 Steel Brochure
  8. SMS Fabrication & Steel Processing Metalworking Machinery Portfolio

Click on the profit and proof tab on this page to read the case studies that demonstrate good choices.

Why Buy?

Your business can now make you money whilst you sleep. How? Vernet-Behringer clients are loading up 8 meters of steel on the in feed stock-yard that can be processed using the full functionality of the beam line in a lights out operation. The following morning shift arrives with beams prepared for fabrication.

Increases: Utilisation, capacity and availability as well as demonstrated flexibility with accompanying growth in margin.

Reduces: Man hours and cost per ton to process and fabricate.

Ensuring correct selection of any new asset is crucial, for both efficient use of capital and relevance of the automation process. SMS will work with you to apply the necessary metrics that will highlight what improvements can be made as well as how to achieve them.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Vernet-Behringer structural steel beam line.

Click the testimonials and case studies to see the positive gains your peers are gaining:

  1. Re-task 35 man hours every 15 ton of fabricated steel!
  2. Re-task 25 man hours for every 500 add-on parts fabricated and assembled!
  3. 3 Spindle beam line comparison to single spindle beam line
  4. Avoid suffering from buying the wrong Beam Line
  5. Get Metal Work and Keep It!
  6. How Does Your Business Select the Correct Machine?
  7. How Do I Recognise Good Advice for my Business?
  8. How to Purchase the Correct Machine

Ask us for time studies and software demonstrations today.


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Vernet Behringer – HDX-Evo 2 Spindle (Travelling X-axis 500mm optional)

Vernet Behringer 3 spindle travelling X axis HD-X Structural Steel Beam Line with extra machining capacity.

  • Mark out cleat positions for assembly and welding onto the beam, on all four sides of the beam to lower man hours from your fabrication process
  • Plasma cut holes into web and flange
  • Bevel cut end of flanges to prepare beam for full penetration welding
  • Drill holes > than 40mm in all profiles including welded beams
  • Cut slots into web, flanges and square tubing so add on parts can be welded into the slot
  • Plasma or oxy cut various coping applications

The Vernet Behringer HDX beamline will deliver this with lights-out automation. Learn how to re-task 350 man hours for every 150-ton project by reviewing the PROFIT and PROOF tab on this page.

Auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics will be provided so your strategic team can calculate the ROI, capacity increase and man hours reduced from a Vernet Behringer HDX-Evo CNC Beam Line Machine. SMS will evaluate your current position and on going strategy, we will then assess any gaps to successfully deliver to your business and your clients.

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