Q1. What advantages does this style of drilling machine have over a plasma/combination drilling machine?
A1: The FG evo is a cost effective machine to drill, machine slots, V-score part numbers and debur holes on top and the underside of the plate.  Having all these processes on the one machine allows a plasma cutting machine to have a higher arc on efficiency and process a higher tonnage of plate
Q2. What is the advantage of V-scoring or stamping part numbers instead of manual marking?
A2: There are two different V-scoring tools that use the same tool but have a heavier or lighter spring that increases the depth of the V-score.  Stamping each number or letter is 1 second cycle time which is faster and more accurate than manual marking.  Manually marking plates that are still on the machine reduces the arc on efficiency and productivity of tonnage that can be processed.  If parts are shot blasted prior to fabrication any manual marking will be removed from the parts.
Q3: How does this machine deburr the underside of the plates?
A3: There is a deburring tool located under the plate that rapidly deburrs each hole after drilling.  This improves the quality of the part to have all sharp edges broken to satisfy higher specification painting and galvanizing standards.

A variety of tasks that every structural fabricator has traditionally relied on manual labour to complete can now be automated.

Extensive testing, proving and delivery over a number of years (and in fabricators workshops) has produced a diverse specification to meet your business’ performance outcomes and provide the competitive edge only automation can bring.

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Investment in a Vernet-Behringer FG beamline can increase capacity, improve schedule, reduce costs (without increasing headcount or footprint) and improve a fabricator’s overall business outcomes if the machine is utilised effectively.

When a fabricator invites Specialist Machinery Sales (SMS) to work collaboratively to explore machine utilisation and ROI schedules, we will work in partnership with your team and Vernet-Behringer to provide auditable, deliverable, measurable and evidence based metrics.  This will enable your strategic team to logically and accurately calculate the ROI.  SMS will then be delighted to continue discussions regarding automation and innovation if the ROI schedule is forecasted as less than 24 months.

By completing the SMS Flexibility Study, you will be able to evaluate your business’ current position and ongoing strategy. Together, we will then assess any gaps to enable you to successfully deliver a machine investment strategy that best suits your business and your clients.


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