Do you need 60% less human contact for every tonne of fabricated steel?

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What It Does For You

– Works 100% in automatic mode
– Travelling X-Axis with 3 spindles
– Automated add-on part layout marking on all four side of beam

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How it Worksedm-02

– Versatility that increases your relevance
– Capability that improves tender selection that you bid on
– Utilisation that adds value to every processed and fabricated tonne

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See it Work – See the Valueedm-03

– Automation and processing innovated, click the photo to review the video
– Invitation to open house in France 4-5th July. Ask for details click here

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Profit & Proofedm-04

Re-task 35 man-hours every 15 ton of fabricated steel
Re-task 25 man hours every 500 add-on parts fabricated and assembled!

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Avoid suffering from buying the wrong beam line
– How does your business select the correct machine?

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