Case Study - Win Every Laser Cut Part Order that Requires Powder Coating

Case Study - Win Every Laser Cut Part Order that Requires Powder Coating

Win Every Laser Cut Part Order that Requires Powder Coating

By introducing competitive tension to the buying process, clients of contract laser cutting businesses have been successfully driving down the price of laser cut parts. Cost per part has become the deciding factor in purchasing decisions because there has been no point of difference between laser cut parts offered.

However, laser cutting businesses that provide parts with a 0.3mm radius will win more work from their powder coating clients. A 0.3mm radius on the edge of parts enhances corrosion protection because powder coating adheres to the radius edge. These laser cutting businesses are able to bypass a price driven sale through adding value and quality of parts supplied to their clients.

Specialist Machinery Sales Australia supplies a de-burring and edge rounding machine that will compliment an existing fleet of laser cutting machines, no matter their age or speed. Laser cutting businesses that have invested in this technology are able to automate a consistent 0.3mm radius on every laser cut edge on both sides of a part. As a result, they have been able to win more work (from new and existing clients) and increase their revenue and margins without needing to upgrade their laser cutting machinery.

Contract laser cutting businesses that invest in a wet modular de-burring, edge-rounding and oxide removal machine can process stainless, carbon and aluminium without contamination. By removing manual de-burring and edge-rounding operations for the client, these businesses are able to provide a higher standard of quality and value, and clients will pay accordingly.

Clients of Specialist Machinery Sales Australia ask the following questions when considering automating de-burring and edge- rounding:

  • How can an edge-rounding module on a de-burring machine improve our current laser cutting processes?
  • How will edge-rounding parts improve our clients business efficiencies where laser cut parts need to be painted or powder coated?
  • How will a de-burring and edge-rounding machine make our business more attractive to a broader market of services that are currently not being offered?

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