White Paper - Win More Work no Matter the Age or Speed of your Current Laser Cutting Machines

White Paper - Win More Work no Matter the Age or Speed of your Current Laser Cutting Machines

Win more work no matter the age or speed of your current laser cutting machines

Clients of contract laser cutting businesses often perceive that all laser cutting companies provide an identical service. This is because there is generally no point of difference between the laser cut parts that are produced. As a result, business is awarded on price and delivery. Without a point of difference it can be challenging to maintain acceptable margins and avoid a price driven sale. Laser cutting businesses often attribute the loss of work to not having the newest or fastest machines available.

If a laser cutting business can add value to a part and reduce the client’s fabrication cost, it has been found that clients are prepared to pay a higher price. Specialist Machinery Sales Australia supplies a part-finishing machine that will compliment an existing fleet of laser cutting machines, no matter their age or speed. Laser cutting businesses that have invested in this technology are able to specify a quality level that surpasses that of other laser cutting businesses. As a result, they have been able to win more work (from new and existing clients) and increase their revenue and margins without needing to upgrade their laser cutting machinery.

Cutting with oxygen for parts thicker than 3mm is common practice by laser cutting businesses because the speed and cost of cutting with nitrogen increases the cost per part. However, cutting with oxygen leaves an oxide layer on the cut-edge and the client needs to remove it with an angle grinder or shot blasting process. If the oxide layer is not removed before the part is painted or powder coated, it is likely to flake away and expose the part surface. The part edge will have no corrosion protection and will therefore fail the QA/QC.

Clients of contract laser cutting businesses understand the benefits of receiving a higher quality product that removes secondary operations for their business. A laser cutting business that automates the oxide removal process can win more work, with better margins. Owning the fastest laser cutting machine will not make a business competitive against a company that has automated oxide removal. While they may be able to cut with nitrogen to avoid the oxide layer, this would increase the cost per part and reduce their margin.

Investing in a part-finishing machine supplied by Specialist Machinery Sales Australia enables businesses with an existing fleet of older laser cutting machines to remain relevant and competitive by supplying a higher quality laser cut parts. This is welcome news to contract laser cutting businesses that are reluctant to take on additional debt to purchase the fastest cutting machines. The decision to automate oxide removal can create positive cash flow outcomes through supplying a unique and superior end product that stands out in a crowded and competitive market.

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