Kistler Cutting and Welding Techniques

Kistler Cutting and Welding Techniques

Product launch: Steerable Submerged Arc Tandem Tractor

The Kistler company is always trying to stay innovative and working on the best solutions for the welding industry, which is why we are very happy to announce the launch of a new product: the Steerable Submerged Arc Tandem Tractor!

The TandemTrac is a self-propelled tandem tractor, designed for the tandem submerged arc welding process. It is steerable and easy to operate – thanks to the HMI system used. It is designed to be used with a variety of power sources (according to the customer’s specific needs).

Next demonstration pipe rotator model U500 set up in the Baltimore area

After having set up two demo machines in Dallas, TX and Conroe, TX, our valued partner Airgas managed to establish a third machine at the Baltimore branch of the company, which is located in Dundalk, MD.

Kistler is very happy about the given possibility to showcase our products like this, because in this way, potential customers in the United States will find it very easy to get in touch with the machine and quickly understand its advantages over other models.

Special End of Summer Sale: U500 BSS

Speaking of our U-Range, the Kistler company is very happy to be able to offer you a special machine at a very special price for this year’s end of summer sale.

We are talking about our best-selling pipe rotator device in a “luxurious version” with motorized clamping arm adjustment and motorized tilting drive as well as a separate foot control unit.

List price: € 16.450,00
Special Offer Price: € 14.750,00

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